Our childcare

Come join our comfortable village with plenty of space to grow and where being together brings us joy.

We want to build a comfortable village where children and adults can naturally interact with each other. Day-to-day communication is a key to realizing it. We aim to create a place where openness is valued and people are able to face buidling relationships head-on. Through the richness of nature, space for exploration, and exchanges of soft and sincere words, we continue to examine how adults and children can live happily together with peace of mind.

Principal: Miwa Saito

Miwa Saito
Principal: Miwa Saito

Features of childcare

Children who are able to decide what they would do on a day feel a sense of accomplishment on what they actually were able to do on that day. It is a joy to be able to decide what one wants to do, so giving children a freedom of choice for their every-day activity is valuable. Adults do not enforce what children should do in their daily life, but build relationships with them to create daily l ife. It is not only “I” that is important, but “you” are also important. We develop warm relationships with every individual to appreciate where we live together.

About the relationship with children
We strive to pay careful attention to each child and focus on bringing out their abilities so that they can fully demonstrate them in society (or village). In this process, our three pillars of timeframe that consist of “class”, “mixed age groups”, and “workshops” are crucial.

Various festivals

Adventure in Sizen Valley
Through everyday life, children develop and deepen connections with different people, places, objects, and time. Not only does this happen wi thin the facility’s premises, but the interactions become more diverse when we vent ure outside. In Adventure in Sizen Valley (or Sizen-dani no Bouken), we want to share with the parents, local community, and among ourselves how children disc over the world around them and how their physical abilities expand.

Children’s Museum
Children’s creativity, expression, and subtleties of the mind grow everyday. As we witness how the children’s heart moves, we carefully capture them, bring them out when needed, and write down their experiences as if sketching a scenery. The Children’s Museum (or Kodomo Bijutsukan) is a program dedicated to sharing and understanding these stories.

Festival in Sizen Valley
Our small village holds a festival at a place surrounded by abundant nature. We hold workshops and sell a variety of objects, which children took leadership and made during regular playtime. We nurture children’s curiosity and interest towards society by having both children and adults experience the planning process and managing a public space.

About admission

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries. We look forward to building a trusting relationship with you and let’s enjoy parenting together.

Inquiries about admission
Machida City
Tel. +81-42-724-2137



Facility name SIZEN-NO-KUNI Day Care Center “small village”
Address 2-5-3 Tadao, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0035
Traffic access About 20 minutes by bus from JR / Odakyu “Machida Station”
From Machida Bus Center Bus Stop No. 3, get off at “町32 or 町34 Line” bound for Oyamada-sakuradai “Machida Technical High School” or get off at “町33 or 町66 Line” bound for Shimo-yamazaki “Yamazaki Elementary School”, and walk for about 5 minutes.
Tel. +81-42-793-4169
Fax. +81-42-793-4170
Established April 1, 1979
Site area 1379.70 ㎡
Total capacity 157
Capacity by class 0-year-olds: 19 / 1-year-olds: 22 / 2-year-olds: 29
3-year-olds: 29 / 4-year-olds: 29 / 5-year-olds: 29
Opening hours 7:00 – 20:00 (Basic hours: 8:30 – 16:30)
SIZEN-NO-KUNI  Day Care Center
SIZEN-NO-KUNI  Day Care Center
SIZEN-NO-KUNI  Day Care Center
SIZEN-NO-KUNI  Day Care Center