Our childcare

The community gathering place that is centered around children.

A daycare center is a place where people can grow and develop in a safe and comfortable environment.
Of course, a place for children to grow is also a place for adults to grow.
In the future, it will be important for daycare centers that adults can also grow, being influenced by the children who are the protagonists of their own growth stories.
We believe that creating an environment where both children and adults can grow together enriches communities and neighborhoods.
This is the ideal childcare environment for Kuri-no-ie daycare centers. Let’s enjoy the daycare center together.

Principal: Koryo Saito

Principal: Koryo Saito     
Principal: Koryo Saito

Features of childcare

We value childcare that allows children’s eyes to light up and children to feel excitement everyday. They are given an environment where they become interested in eating through our food education and farming activities.

About the relationship with children
We pay close attention to children as they develop their own abilities. We also provide a “real” environment that resonates and moves their hearts.

Various festivals

“Kurikko’s Harappa” and “Kurikko’s Sports Day”
Children love to move their bodies. On this day, parents also become physically active as they see the world from the children’s eyes and praise each child’s development. There will also be opportunities for parents to network with each other throughout the day.

Children’s party
Parents watch the children showcase their creative expressions from their everyday activities, ranging from playing music, singing, theatrical play, and rhythm play. Through this experience, children will build confidence as we watch the children build their psychological foundation.

Valuing traditional Japanese rituals and festivals
Traditional Japanese events and seasonal nuances can become less visible if we don’t pay close attention to them. At our facility, we incorporate such traditions to accentuate daily life and instill them in the our children’s soft hearts to nurture their sensibilities.

About admission

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries. We look forward to building a trusting relationship with you and let’s enjoy parenting together.

Inquiries about admission
Machida City
Tel. +81-42-724-2137(直通)



Facility name Naruse KURI-NO-IE Day Care Center
Address 1-5-1 Naruse, Machida-shi, Tokyo
Traffic access About 5 minutes by bus from “Naruse Station” on the JR Yokohama Line
Tel. +81-42-710-8177
Fax. +81-42-710-8178
Established April 1, 2001
Site area about 1148.75㎡
Total capacity 100
Capacity by class 0-year-olds: 9 / 1-year-olds: 15 / 2-year-olds: 16
3-year-olds: 20 / 4-year-olds: 20 / 5-year-olds: 20
Opening hours 7:00 – 19:00 (Basic hours: 8:30 – 16:30)
Naruse KURI-NO-IE Day Care Center
Naruse KURI-NO-IE Day Care Center
Naruse KURI-NO-IE Day Care Center
Naruse KURI-NO-IE Day Care Center