About our organization

Our organization’s concept is

“being lively”

A message from our director

Where children and adults can be lively

Where children and adults
can be lively

Koryo Saito, Chairman

Although it has been the norm until very recently that children and adults spend time together, but the number of places where they can spend their time together these days has become rather few. This means that there are fewer opportunities for children and adults to understand and learn about each other. Adults have more difficulty in understanding children, and children have less admiration for adults. Our organization, Toukoukai, aims to paint a landscape of children and adults living pleasantly and being lively by focusing our key elements of day care, childcare, after-school activities, and community.

Koryo Saito, Chairman

Corporate name
Social Welfare Corporation TOUKOUKAI
194-0035 2-5-3 Tadao, Machida City, Tokyo
December 15, 1978
Number of employees
280 (Includes part-time employees)
Our Business
Child welfare services