Our after-school program

Living in the moment at a safe and comfortable environment.

Children come to our after-school program by saying, “I’m back!” as if it were their home. We provide a safe environment where children can focus on being in the moment and spend time together with their friends. Although it is a rather simple and universal concept, we aim to provide an after-school program that allows children’s underlying humanity to shine.

Principal: Rumi Hakoishi

Principal: Rumi Hakoishi
Principal: Rumi Hakoishi

About admission

Please visit Machida City’s parenting website (Machida Kosodate Website).



Facility name Yamasaki After-school care service
Address 2-15-26 Tadao, Machida-shi, Tokyo
Traffic access About 20 minutes by bus from JR / Odakyu “Machida Station”
Tel. +81-42-792-0285
Fax. +81-42-792-0285
Established April 1, 2015
Opening hours After school – 18:00